Contact Paul

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Please email, or call +1 403-289-1600, 8am to 5pm Mountain Daylight Time (UTC -7h) to book me for a session, to get a quote on fees or to explore how I might be of service. I’d be happy to see how I can help make your project run like a well-tuned race car.

Studio Information

“High quality dry VO tracks provided directly via file transfer and via Source Connect. Client direction is also possible via Skype and/or phone patch.

Source Connect ID is pboucher15. Certified by Source Elements for reliability.

​Phone patch number is +1 323 570 5753

Skype patches are available upon request. Skype ID’s exchanged prior to session.

Special and Secure Services

Secure online audio delivery available 24/7. When you have audio or video media to send to Paul for a project – please use this link:

File delivery is available with encryption, password protection, and other useful options when required. Just let us know what you need. Downloads are available for 14 days. Longer download windows are available.

Permanent Digital Archive: All client recording sessions are stored on encrypted and password protected media both on and off-site (secure).

Advantages to clients include working/matching with original audio when updating projects, and project retrieval in case of data loss.

Secure Document Management and Data Storage. Data (including scripts and media) are stored on encrypted, firewall and password protected drives.