I need to know that I’m on the right track. That I’m delivering what you want to hear. I need your feedback because your knowledge can help me relate to the ideas you want shared with your audience. And that relationship can then become real in the minds of all of us: you, me and them.

Here are comments from some of the people I work for.

“The dictionary’s definition of a professional is someone who is an expert or skilled practitioner. If you added diligence, commitment, integrity, and amazing talent, you begin to understand ICOM’s experience with Paul.”

- Greg Surbey, President, ICOM

“Paul, I don’t know how you made that technical material sound natural, but you did and our product is better for it. Thanks.”

- GE Multilin

“I didn’t think working with voice talent in another city would actually be easier than working locally. Thanks for a great job and for making it easy.”

- Integrated Performance Solutions, Colorado

“That you can take this matter-of-fact instructional material and infuse it with life, that deserves special recognition for artistry!”

- Stuart Garry, Educational Software Developer

“The show tonight was amazing because you were a part of it! Your conscientious approach to detail – and not just getting the job done – but getting it done right, made all the difference.”

- Dominic Pike, Event Producer

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