Why Choose Paul

Once you’ve selected Paul, the first thing to note is he understands that it’s a privilege. Paul executes projects for clients worldwide, with fun and passion in unaccented English and French, across time zones from his professionally constructed home studio. He’s punctual, takes direction with aplomb and is easy to collaborate with and direct via pretty much any means.

The Right Voice provides a blend of craft and commerce:

You bring value to your clients. Paul expresses that value.

Paul’s experience and industry/studio best practices mean large projects with many audio files get handled easily, professionally, and on time. That means hours, not days.

Paperwork, ranging from cross border payments, to contracts are handled quickly and flawlessly. We’ve helped many grateful clients cross a LOT of “t’s” and “i’s” over the years.

Craft derived from decades of daily experience is expressed with the immediacy and freshness of “today” thanks to ongoing professional development with the best facilitators in the world.

By bringing a voracious reader and lifelong learner’s curiosity to bear on your material and communicating every nuance of complex vocabulary and ideas.

We’re human. We make mistakes, but those are always fixed free. Guaranteed. We ensure you and your clients are satisfied before calling “that’s a wrap!”
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