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When you have complex ideas and concepts to communicate, the challenge of delivering them is real. Paul Boucher can help in unaccented Canadian French, American Standard and Canadian English. He didn’t name his company; his clients did. By telling him repeatedly that he was The Right Voice for their projects, The Right Voice Communications Inc. was born. For over 20 years, Paul’s warm, confident voice has helped audiences connect to his customers’ ideas in commercials, eLearning, movie trailers, documentaries and more.

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Voicing scripts as envisioned and written by thoughtful writers, conscientious producer/directors and diligent clients. Hear and see more samples of projects below.

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Greg SurbeyPresident, ICOM

The dictionary’s definition of a professional is someone who is an expert or
skilled practitioner. If you added diligence, commitment, integrity, and amazing
talent, you begin to understand ICOM’s experience with Paul.

Integrated Performance SolutionsColorado

I didn’t think working with voice talent in another city would actually be easier
than working locally. Thanks for a great job and for making it easy.

Dominic PikeEvent Producer

The show tonight was amazing because you were a part of it! Your
conscientious approach to detail – and not just getting the job done – but
getting it done right, made all the difference.”

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